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Hi all. I have finally found the energy to make a journal once again. Mostly due to the fact that I have stuff that I do not feel like doing (school work). I spent a lot of time thinking about stupid stuff over my summer break and part of that included thinking about what the heck to do with my journals since I was not able to get an internship either. I will try harder this time... To be honest I barely tried at all. hehe xd. I just looked at some stuff. I am not a good student. Most ask of them ask for either 3.0 or knowing every single programming language in existence. :^)

I actually enjoy making journals quite a lot, but I am constantly asking/answering my own questions(I'm not crazy I swear!) since they never get answered anyways... such as:
1. Is anyone actually reading it?
The page views on my journals say otherwise. I suppose that it is probably unreliable to base it off of that. It could also be that everyone who reads my journals are lurkers like me... Does this mean I am reaching an army of 1000+ lurkers?!?! :^) Ahhhh I hope someone finds my journals interesting, but I will never know.
2. Is it interesting?
I try to make it interesting by talking about a variety of things. I only got one response last time so I am not sure.
3.How often should I make journals?
Unfortunately making journals require quite a lot of time to make even though it does not take long to read. About 1 hour to make a journal, probably another to edit and double check, unknown amounts of time consuming material to write about (I don't write about everything), bazillion hours trying to find music that I actually like. So probably around 2 hours to make a journal and a bunch of hours to consume stuff so about 10 hours max? 5 hours minimum probably. I think. The ideal number of posts for me is 2 times a week.
4. Should I make them way ahead of time?
I actually prefer to make them new and upload it the next day. Whenever I read my old journals I always say:
"Wow! I am talking like a crazy person!"
"I always think that I am a decent writer, but it seems that I am worse than an elementary school kid."
"You use too many emotes try showing your emotions through writing! :^) Stop using that stupid carrot nose smiley! :^)"
When I read my journals without having emotes I feel like my style of writing makes it seem like I am annoyed and angry.
5. Should I move to other websites?
I have been looking at different websites to upload my journals. I have been thinking about Wordpress/Tumblr. I picked these because it has:
More customization than dA. 
I can upload posts ahead of time so if I am not able to get to a computer it can just do it for me.The dA green color makes me annoyed for some reason. I have no idea why. Also Sonic OCs. Furries. Ponies. AND WHY ARE THERE SO MANY PICTURES OF FEET?!?!?! WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!? 
Cognitive dissonance sucks.
I want to change my username since it is really freaking old.
I am thinking about posting things on my unused Twitter too. For some reason the majority of Japanese people use Twitter instead of Facebook.

I think that is all I have to say. Now for some rambling...

i want to play league sooo bad its been 1 year already fckkkkkkkk iwannaplyaleagueiwanaplyaleagueiwanaplayleaguehiwanlaweihflawjpfwgwgoh help meeeeeeeeeee ee ugh i need to reinstall Cu-- a game...
damn it i probably have to redownload everything and the dlc but the whole thing is 52 freaking gigabytes i miss my yandere/tsundere/kuudere waifus there are probably a bunch of new events too costumes and hairstyles if you dont know what it is by now you are better off not knowing. the sadist personality has already been released ahhh i want to try sooooooo bad when i mean 'try' i mean a lot of things :^) omg i just realized that if i keep a copy of everything i can use again later in case updating the game goes wrong but it will take quite a bit of space im a genius! jk im actually the most dumberest and lazierest person in the whirled :^)......

This garbage somehow becomes sentences. Heh.

Since I spent most of this journal not talking about the usual things and ranting here are some things to look at if you need something to do it might be a bit outdated though. I might talk about it in depth next time.
Kimi no nawa (movie) It is nice.
Boku no Hero Academia (manga) I feel like I already wrote about this in another journal.
Boku no Hero Academia
Starcraft (game) The old version is free now
Tales of Berseria (game) The voice acting line up is actually godlike for the Japanese voices. Velvet is amaaazzzziiiiingggggg I suppose in English the lineup is good as well, but I have only played it in Japanese.
King's Avatar(anime?) Is it called an anime in Chinese too? Based off of the Chinese novel. I think it did a good job in summarizing the novel. Most of his time in the novel felt like he was just breaking a bunch of records which made me not want to read it for awhile. Su Mucheng best girl.
 King's Avatar
Transcending the Nine Heavens(Chinese novel) I have been reading a ton of Chinese novels and I am currently reading this. It is good.
Glow - Keeno(Mwk Remix) My favorite Vocaloid song right now.

ffs i thought that dA had a thing where it does the hyperlinks for me... >.>

See you all in the next journal on Wordpress. Hopefully. I'm tired already. I will be uploading journals on Friday 12:30PM EST. I'll leave my account here so that people know where I went I'm also going to be using Twitter more often. Maybe I'll come back not sure. Yeah. See ya on Wordpress and Twitter. I would say to comment if there are any typos or if you found the stuff interesting but... sigh... 



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